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In this section, you will learn with all modules on the kit and try several interesting projects.

What you'll learn

Each tutorial introduces a new module and new electronic concepts that come with it. While trying the projects, you will also learn Swift code.

  • LED - Digital output
  • Button - Digital input
  • LED - Timer
  • Buzzer - PWM output
  • Potentiometer - Analog input
  • Humiture - I2C
  • Accelerometer - I2C
  • LCD - SPI
  • Speaker - I2S output

Don't worry if you don't understand them now. You will figure them out one by one.

Tutorial structure

Each tutorial consists of several parts:

  • Background knowledge: it consists of three parts: Background, New component, New concept. It introduces new electronic concepts involved in your project.
  • Circuit: it tells which module is used and its circuit diagram in a simplified way.
  • Preparation: it lists the class and its methods used in your code.
  • Projects: there will be several projects in each tutorial for you to get familiar with the hardware and code usage.
  • More info: it provides some link for detailed knowledge.

If you have experience in hardware, you could skip the backgound knowledge part and go directly to the projects. Or if you are Swift programmer, you could omit the code explanation for each project.