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SwiftIO Circuit Playgrounds

SwiftIO Circuit Playgrounds is a super easy-to-use starter kit for you. All modules connect to the shield on the middle through stamps holes. You don't need to build the circuit. Just download the code and you can see the results immediately.

Let's look at these modules in detail:

SwiftIO Circuit Playgrounds

  • SwiftIO Feather: control all other modules.
  • Shield: allow the SwiftIO Feather to connect to the whole board.
  • LED: can be toggled on and off, or set to any brightness.
  • Button: control the circuit as you press or release it.
  • Potentiometer: vary resistance connected in the circuit.
  • Buzzer: produces sounds that are usually for alert or confirmation.
  • Humiture: measure temperature and humidity.
  • Color sensor: detect the color of an object and the light intensity.
  • Accelerometer: detect movement by measuring the acceleration in x, y, and z-axis.
  • Speaker: generate sounds or play the audio files back.
  • Microphone: record sound and store audio data.
  • LCD: display graphics or images.

This kit contains the most commonly used modules. You can create plenties of projects with it. The document that comes with it is in preparation and will guide you from the most basic concept. Here is a draft, and feel free to comment in the doc.

The kit still needs more tests. What's more, there is a great chip shortage worldwide. So please stay tuned:)