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Learning roadmap

Never be afraid that you have no prior experience. You can follow all these tutorials to get started. Below are our personal suggestions on your learning process.

To start with

📣 Choose your guides

☐ If you are a completely newcomer or want to learn systematically, it’s a good idea to follow this complete guide Learning A-Z for full knowledge of both language and electronics.

☐ If you have a little background knowledge, you could

  1. go to Getting started to learn basic operations,
  2. learn with some example in:

Helpful knowledge and usage

🔍 Find some advanced setup if needed while creating your projects.

🔧 Look into the details of your hardware including boards and kits.

🧩 Check API references during coding.

Deeper dive into entire platform

💡 Have a deeper understanding of the MadMachine background.

📨 Read blogs which tells details and updates about our project.