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SwiftIO board reset repeatedly

There is a maximum current limit for the USB port of your devices, while some modules connected to the board may require a larger one. Thus the board reset over and over again.

You can try these ways:

  1. Connect the board to the USB port that can output larger power.
  2. Connect both the download port and the serial port on the board to USB ports.
  3. Use a power bank to supply the board.

USB driver can't be mounted

This problem may be due to these reasons:

  1. Bad-quality USB cable. There are so many bad-quality USB cables in the market. Some of them can only charge your device without communication feature : (
  2. Incompatible MicroSD card.
  3. Incompatible USB hub or incompatible USB-C to USB-A adapter.
  4. There is a known issue with USB compatibility on Mac. There are already a lot of discussions about it on Reddit, apple.

To solve problems 1 and 2, we offer a high-quality USB cable and a Kingston microSD card along with our board. But we still got feedback that the USB drive did not appear. In this situation, there is a temporary solution: use a USB card reader to copy the .bin file. At the same time, we'll continue to improve the compatibility of the firmware.