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Hi there, welcome🥳!

Are you interested in electronics? Or do you want to learn Swift language? Then you are in the right place. Here, you will explore the hardware programming using the Swift language.

Many of you might think coding is so hard, and the learning process seems too boring. An effective way to view the result is to print, in the beginning, the phrase “Hello world”, and then the result for each demo. Now you could learn by turning on an LED, driving a buzzer, or drawing some stuff on tiny screens. With just several lines of code, you could get these devices to work. That’s so cool!

While learning electronics, wiring is such a pain in the neck. Sometimes, you check the code again and again and finally find that you connect the component to the wrong pin by mistake😳. And there are much more situations... That would be so frustrating. So in the following tutorials, you will learn with a specially designed beginner kit - it needs no wiring during your learning process. What you do is focus on coding and realize your ideas.

What you need

  • Your computer
  • SwiftIO Feather board
  • SwiftIO Circuit Playgrounds

As you know, there is a great chip shortage worldwide. We have difficulty in finding chips. Thus, we have no hardware in stock. Please stay tuned : )

What is this material about

SwiftIO Circuit Playgrounds kit is a beginner-friendly tool to get familiar with this ecosystem. So in the following tutorials, you will learn the basic electronics and Swift programming with it. We assume no prior knowledge of them. You could, of course, skip the parts you've already known.

This material will guide you from zero to one. It divided into several parts:

  • Preparation: this section prepares you for the following learning. You will set up the software, take a quick look at the hardware, get familiar with the basic operations, and learn some background knowledge.

  • Learn with modules: in this section, you will dive deeper into the electronic concepts and how to program your board using Swift language. Each tutorial focus on one module and one main electronic usage. You could follow the provided projects to have a better understanding.

  • Graphical display: this section tells you how to display shapes, text, images... on a tiny screen using a graphical library. You will have fun creating wonderful patterns.

  • More projects: this section provides some projects based on what you have learned. At first, you will try some warmup projects. Then you will explore more advanced projects to enjoy the charm of hardware programming using the Swift language.

BTW, if you notice any mistakes or have any feedback, feel free to let us know. We hope to provide more helpful materials together with you guys.