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4. Download your project

Well, it's time to download the code to your board.

  1. Press the Download button. Once pressed, your board will appear as a USB Drive on your computer. There are two buttons on your board. The one labeled "Download" or "DL" is the correct one.
Press download button

Bad quality USB cable or some third-party USB hub may cause connection failure. If the board still fails to connect to your computer, you can refer to FAQ.

  1. The onboard RGB LEDs will show the current status of the USB connection. Wait for several seconds until the LED turns to steady green.
OnUSB communication failedUSB connection established-
Slow flashingFail to verify bin file--
Fast flashingFail to open bin fileDetecting USB connectionDetecting SD card
Green LED is on
  1. Click MadMachine / Build to build the project. It will generate a file that could run on your board.
Build the code

During this process, mm-sdk will fetch all the necessary dependencies from GitHub, as shown in the first several lines of the message. So check the internet connection if it fails.

  1. Once the building process is finished, you will see the message Done! in the terminal.
Finish building
  1. Click Download button to download the file to your board. If it's successfully downloaded, you'll see the message Done!.
Download the code

Congratulations! The onboard blue LED begins to blink per second✨.