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Let's play the pong game in this project. You rotate the potentiometers (A0, A11) to move two paddles in order to hit the ball back and forth.


The two potentiometers (A0, A11) are used to move paddles. The button (D1) is used to reset the game. The speaker (I2S0) plays sound effects during the game.

Modules for this project

Project overview

  • The game will start with the ball moving at a specified speed from its starting position. The ball will move in both the x and y directions.
  • Each player rotates a potentiometer to move the paddle in order to hit the ball.
  • Handle collision:
    • Wall Collision: If the ball collides with the top or bottom wall, it will bounce off and change its vertical direction.
    • Paddle Collision: If the ball collides with a paddle, it will bounce off and change its horizontal direction.
  • Scoring:
    • If a player fails to hit the ball and it passes the paddle, the opponent will score a point. The ball's position and speed will be reset for the next serve.
    • If either player reaches the score limit, the game ends.
  • The players can press the reset button to start a new game with scores reset to zero.

Example code

You can download the project source code here.

// Import the SwiftIO to control all the pins.
import SwiftIO
// Import MadBoard to use the pin ids.
import MadBoard
// Import ST7789 driver to communicate with the screen.
import ST7789

public struct Pong {
public static func main() {
let speaker = I2S(Id.I2S0, rate: 44_100)

// Initialize the SPI pin.
let spi = SPI(Id.SPI0, speed: 30_000_000)

// Initialize the pins used for the screen.
let bl = DigitalOut(Id.D2)
let rst = DigitalOut(Id.D12)
let dc = DigitalOut(Id.D13)
let cs = DigitalOut(Id.D5)

// Initialize the LCD using the pins above.
// Rotate the screen to keep the original at the upper left.
let screen = ST7789(spi: spi, cs: cs, dc: dc, rst: rst, bl: bl, rotation: .angle90)

// Initialize the analog pins for the potentiometers.
let leftPot = AnalogIn(Id.A0)
let rightPot = AnalogIn(Id.A11)
// Initialize the pin for the button used to reset the game.
let resetButton = DigitalIn(Id.D1)

// Start the game.
var game = PongGame(leftPot: leftPot, rightPot: rightPot, screen: screen, speaker: speaker)

var lastButtonState = false

while true {
/// Check if the reset button is pressed.
if {
lastButtonState = true

/// Reset the game after the button is released.
if ! && lastButtonState {
lastButtonState = false

// Play the game.
// Rotate the potentiometers to move two paddles on the screen to hit the ball.
// If the ball hits the wall, the opposite player scores.

sleep(ms: 10)

Don't forget to copy the sound files in the demo project to the SD card and insert it into board.